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Subham Khandelwal
3 min readNov 19, 2022


Delta Lake validates the schema of data that is being written to it. It supports explicit DDL operations to alter table schema definitions. Following are the types of changes that Delta Lake currently supports:

  1. Adding of new columns
  2. Re-ordering of columns
  3. Removing or Renaming columns(few features are still experimental)

We would look into the third point — Removing or Renaming Columns.

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In situations where we need to update the schema of an existing table we also requires to change the schema of underlying data. But Delta table enables us with a fantastic option called - Column Mappings.

And to use the same, we need to change the protocol version of the existing table.

Protocol Versions for Delta Lake

To know more about Protocol version, checkout —

Lets run through an example to checkout this feature. We start my creating a demo delta table “spark_delta_mapping


create table sales_delta_mapping
using delta
select * from sales_managed;
Demo Delta Table

Now, in case we want to rename column amount => total_amount, we have to change the schema of the underlying data as well.

# Renaming column with underlying data"sales_delta_mapping") \
.withColumnRenamed("trx_id", "transaction_id") \
.write \
.format("delta") \
.mode("overwrite") \
.option("overwriteSchema", "true") \

And this step, requires scanning of whole dataset and re-writing the same into the table.

Same is the case for dropping a column say transaction_id (which we renamed in previous step)

# Dropping column with underlying data"sales_delta_mapping") \
.drop("transaction_id") \
.write \
.format("delta") \
.mode("overwrite") \
.option("overwriteSchema", "true") \

Now, if we enable and use the Column Mapping feature, Delta Lake maintains the lineage/column mapping internally and we now don’t need to change the schema of the underlying data. Thus, performance is optimized.

Lets enable the same on our demo table. Make a note of the protocols being used.


'delta.columnMapping.mode' = 'name',
'delta.minReaderVersion' = '2',
'delta.minWriterVersion' = '5')

Now, we alter the column, and check the schema


alter table sales_delta_mapping rename column amount to total_amount;
Updated Schema

Now lets drop a column description


alter table sales_delta_mapping drop column description;
Column dropped

So, if we check the history for the changes of the table

History for Delta Table

WARNING from Protocol version upgrades are irreversible, and upgrading the protocol version may break the existing Delta Lake table readers, writers, or both.

Please make sure to check and experiment on the data, before moving this feature onto Production tables as certain features are still in experimental mode and can lead to data loss.

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